Tolkien-blog: The Mirkwood Affair, part 2


The Soul Of Mother Nature


The Soul of Mother Nature transcended the earth with nurturing mannerisms as is her way when it comes to sprouting up the bonsai tree from her own mouth.  The storm she brought about embraced the heart of the tree and its surroundings with an evanescence of the maze succumbed by hope and truth igniting a blazing fire underneath the very core of her being.

I count the ways in which the thunder speaks its laws to her rivers flowing with Godly tears that learned to suppress the fire that builds within her temperament.  Only the Lord can understand the fire that burns in her heart.  For there is dust and leaves scattered about her uneasy body of earth that fights to sustain itself in the masses of unholy graves.

They speak to my heart through their winding roads that lead me into the towering inferno that burns up in feverish…

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Jane Austen’s Double Negatives


I’ve been reading Mansfield Park and noticed all the double negatives. I did a cursory search online about it and some messaging boards and books online have passages about her use of the double negatives for characters that are “hollow.” Others also wrote that the double negatives can be used to emphasize and in some contexts, provide irony. I thought the use of double negatives was annoying and pointless.

Honestly, I wanted to stop reading. Halfway through, I realized a possible value to them: Fanny Price is a double negative and having us read in double negatives allows the reader to get into her psyche. As a character, Fanny is always doubting herself and her place in the world. As I read through those damn double negatives, I realized that I was halting and stopping to try to figure out what was going on. I think that for much of…

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The computer which has changed his life.



Everything was very mysterious in his life.He was bounded on his own mind and often seemed to be quite depressed.He had an extreme loneliness and used to spend the whole day living within himself.None of any society members were known to his family.He was quite lazy too.He was very slow in studies.He used to be pendulum pass in his exams.Just he spent his whole years on doing nothing.And no days were there on his side.His life was worst than that of Grasshopper too.So,we can imagine what his condition was.But as one of the proverbs says that“every dog’s day comes.” Like wise his day also came.But the people hadn’t admired any expectations from him.And who will do so as well.I was also confused that what can be done by the efforts of only two-three days definately nothing.But the way he woke up from his deep rooted sleep was quite…

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